Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get an approval for my article?

On average, the check takes 2-5 days, but in some case it can take up to 7 working days.

What happens if my article is not accepted?

If during a check on plagiarism more than 20% of an article is marked positive, such work may not be published at a publication held by Hersoie. In the case where no more than 20% of the work has no link to the source of origin, or the format is defective, this work would be sent back with an option during next 5 working days to send the corrected version back.

How do I know if my item corresponds to the theme of the publication?

In the description of each publication will be explicitly shown what topics will be covered and with what emphasis. The main requirement an article must show the results of recent research of an author.

Is it possible to have coauthors for 1 article?

Yes, it is allowed, one article can have up to 3 authors. In special cases, when research was provided during a long period of time, this number could be increased to max. 5 authors.

Is it possible to get an official certificate as participant?

Yes, each participant will get a certificate for participation on which will be shown the name of article and total number of participants on this conference. This certificate will be sent on your email address. Also you can get any reference in official form about the status of your article.

What kind of registration will get my publication?

Each publication gets the polish ISBN/ISSN number, also one exemplar will be send to main national libraries in Poland.