Applying on publication

Hersoie is an international company providing educational and research outsourcing services. Our services are prepared for people from all over the world who want to get published. It is available not only for students and professors, but also people who have ceased their education.

In the Publications you can find a wide range of different topics of books and scientific publication. We are convinced that you will surely find something interesting for you.

Using Hersoie services has been simplified to save you time and money. You can publish your articles without leaving your home, thanks to the fact that the entire publication process is based on a simple scheme of electronic contact with the customer.

To publish the results of their research, scientific text or an essay, follow the suggestions bellow.

Short Tutorial

Step one

Search on our website for available publication that interest you.

Step two

Send us required documents (application form, text of research). Wait for an acceptation and optional correction.

Step three

Do a payment.

Step four

Receive a certificate and publication (link or book).