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Research papers on Politics and Sociology

Political and sociological basics of the modern democratic state

Authors:Y. Zhydetskyy, A. Avdeenkov, D. Loktionova, K. Kuna.

ISBN 978-83-64540-87-5

Warsaw 2014

Research papers on Economy

Development of the economic theory since the beginning of XX century

Authors: Sezgin V., Sztukiewicz P., Kozhyna A., Krasnova I., Selyutina A., Zynyuk O., Zakharchuk Y. & Khomyn M., Shevchenko O., Zhydetskyi T.

ISBN 978-83-64540-86-8

Warsaw 2014

Scientific Survey

Governmental Methods of Corruption in the Bodies of Internal Affairs Counteraction in the Realm of National Politics Strategy Realization: Forms, Methods, Specificsailable.

Authors: Zoriana Kisil and Roman-Volodymyr Kisil

ISBN 978-83- 64540-85-1

Warsaw 2013

In this article the generalization on legal estimates of corruption, trends that represent modern state of legal sphere, addresses to the social and economic consequences of corruption in society has been analyzed, the necessity of criminalization of corruption as the independent integrative crime and the basic directions of counteraction to this negative phenomenon were underlined.

Keywords: corruption, criminalization, counteraction, praxiological aspect, prophylaxis.